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I welcome any opportunity to talk about how we can find broader (and deeper!) ways to think about family and how we connect to each other. I'm proud to have contributed to the conversation with the organizations below.

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Let It Be Us: Foster Care & Adoption podcast where I discuss opening myself to my daughter's birth family and how open adoption can serve as an example of how foster care can connect foster parents and biological parents to help children.

In honor of National Women's History month, a blog about my journey becoming a single mother by choice.


Happy to talk to Simon Benn of the Thriving Adoptees podcast about openness, connecting with my child's birth family and fighting shame at the source. Check out the Openness and Understanding with Alex Montgomery episode here.

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Listen to my interview with Sarah Kowalski of Motherhood Reimagined as I talk about making my way as a Single Mom by Choice and learning how openness in adoption makes my journey as a mother so much more powerful and loving.

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